Does Verizon Hire Felons?

Verizon is a popular telecommunication company. It helps people by providing phones and services for mobile and internet connectivity.

Felons deserve a second chance because they need to interact with other people. Being locked up kept them away from others for some time. Giving them a second chance at Verizon can help them learn and work with people.

About Verizon

Verizon is a global company that helps people communicate. They do this by offering the latest technology for others to buy. Their goal is to help people connect around the world.

In 2000, Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. founded Verizon after merging and becoming one. Over the years, it became a leader in technology and a connection for millions of people.

Verizon was the first to have 5G network edge computing. They are also known for having container-based technology and 5G cities. They are an inclusive company too.

People can have financial futures and ways to learn at Verizon. They can also have paid time off for having children and vacations. They have health programs for their employees too.

Employees enjoy Verizon’s caring workspace. They also like their flexible and caring staff who want you to grow with the company

Does Verizon Hire Felons?

According to many articles, Verizon does hire felons. They hire felons on one rule: The person cannot have a felony under 7 years.

Verizon wants to make sure that they hire people who will stay out of trouble. Thus, they want to see that you haven’t been in trouble for some years after your conviction. If you can show that, then they’ll take you into consideration for work.

Does Verizon Run Background Checks?

Based on our research, Verizon does run background checks. Their checks are broad and cover many areas like your criminal history.

Besides your criminal history, there are drug tests and sex offender searches. There are also education and employment checks to verify your history. You also have to be able to work in the U.S. since they check for that too.

Careers At Verizon

At Verizon, there are plenty of positions for felons to have. These are positions that can help them learn valuable lessons for their careers down the line.

One job is a Retail Sales Representative. They help customers pick the right devices for their needs. They also teach the customers basic lessons about the devices they buy.

Another job is an Inside Sales Representative. They listen to customers and what they have to say about the company. They also make calls to customers to talk about the products they have for them.

Then, there’s the Business Customer Service Representative job. They talk to businesses about items from Verizon. They also make things simpler for the customers on the phone.

All three of these jobs need people skills. You have to be fine with working with people and solving their problems. This includes when the customers complain.

Also, you have to be open to learning technology for the company. Verizon is a technology company that will always continue to grow. It’s important that you grow with the company too.

Application Process At Verizon

The application process for Verizon is simple. All you have to do is visit the website,desc&cleared=1. There, you can search for jobs in your desired area.

When applying for Verizon, be sure to say your experience with technology. Since they deal with tech, you’ll want to say anything you know about the topic.

When you interview for the company, be sure to show your friendly side. Since you’ll be working with customers, you’ll have to practice being nice to others.

Before landing the interview, begin to practice your selling skills. You’re trying to sell and convince people to buy products they need. Because of this, you have to know how to connect to the customers.

On the application, be sure to be completely honest with your skills. You never know whether a certain skill you have can help you get the job. It may even help you land another position with the company.

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