Does Westrock Hire Felons?

WestRock is a paper and packaging company. They help package things like beauty and personal care products. They also want to make a difference in the industry.

Felons deserve a second chance to change their ways while they’re away. Also, they can gain the right skills to add to WestRock. Educating inmates can decrease crime, so they deserve a chance to prove that.

About WestRock

WestRock is in the paper and packaging industry. They provide their products worldwide from the United States to Japan. They have boxes, tubes, packaging machines, and displays to name a few.

Steven C. Voorhees created WestRock back in 2015. This was after two other companies combined to become one. Now, WestRock is one of the biggest packaging companies in the country.

WestRock is happy to connect with their customers on a personal level. They have 50,000 employees and over 320 work areas. They want to connect customers with the right items they need for themselves.

Employees love that the company has all insurance types. They also have different plans and time off. They have perks like gym memberships and a diversity program too.

Employees consider WestRock to be a great place to work. They have helpful employers, new opportunities, and loyalty to their employees. They also say the company loves to teach new employees, show fairness, and give out good pay and hours.

Does WestRock Hire Felons?

Based on research from many responses, it appears that WestRock does hire felons. When doing this research, the employers look back at your 7-year record.

WestRock hires felons depending on the crime. They will hire people who have small charges. Anything above a misdemeanor won’t make it.

Does WestRock Run Background Checks?

After looking at articles, WestRock does run background checks. They do these checks for everyone no matter what.

In these checks, the employer looks at your criminal record and your work background. They also test you for drugs.

Careers At WestRock

WestRock has many careers that can come from many areas. Maintenance & tech support are a few. Working here requires hard work and determination all the time.

The first job category is in Operations/Manufacturing. It has the most jobs available to beginners. It includes jobs like Shift Press Assistant and Air Hammer Operator.

The next job area is Maintenance/Technical Support. Jobs include Journey Mechanic and Maintenance Helper. These are good jobs for handwork.

The next job area is sales. Many people go towards this area all the time. Jobs in this area include Customer Service Representative and Sales Representative.

Another area is the general category. It has jobs that are general in duties. Jobs in this category include General Laborer and Maintenance Technician.

The final area is the Customer Service area. Here, the employee deals with the customers. Jobs in this area include Customer Service Advocate.

Application Process At WestRock

Applying for a position at WestRock is simple. All potential applicants have to do is go to Here, they can search through the many categories and countries that jobs can be.

When applying here, remember that lying isn’t allowed. WestRock is looking for honest people who will always get the job done. They won’t accept you if you lie on any part of your application.

WestRock wants to hire people willing to work hard on each task assigned to them. Thus, it’s best to apply for the job that relates most to your skillsets and prove that in the interviewing process. You will have a better chance of getting hired and doing your best work.

On your resume, make sure to put the important skills you have at the top. Employers always look at the top of the resume to make a decision. They will pick people with the person with the most desirable skills first.

Throughout the process, make sure you express how much you love to learn. At WestRock, learning is a necessity to have to work with them. If you’re always learning something new, then you will stick out from the rest.

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