Does Royal Farms Hire Felons?

Royal Farms is a private corporation headquartered in Baltimore and provides services to their customers through their chain of convenience stores located around the United States, with 200 store locations nationwide.

Felonies are charges that fall onto a person’s criminal record and depending on the case and state, can sometimes be expunged. However, this is not an option available to everybody and those with felonies on their records experience difficulties in obtaining employment as a result. Employment is a big factor in terms of starting a new life and felons are too often denied that opportunity. read more

Does Orkin Hire Felons?

Orkin is an American owned company based in Atlanta that specializes in providing pest control services to their customers nationwide.

When it comes to employment, felons are often on the losing end. Many are denied employment simply due to their records and do not make it past most background checks. Employment is a crucial part of starting a new life which most felons are unjustly denied.

About Orkin

Orkin provides pest control services to customers across the nation. Popular services include termite inspections, pests prevention, and full exeterminations. They are best known for dealing with termites, bed bugs, and mosquitos. read more

Does Millis Transfer Hire Felons?

Millis Transfer Inc is a trucking company in the United States that focuses on providing safe, fast, and direct modes of transport for their customers. Millis trucks can easily be identified by their maroon and white trademark truck designs.

Employment is an essential step to be taken in order to build an honest lifestyle. When felons are denied employment because of their records they are also being denied the opportunity to a second chance at building an honest lifestyle.

About Millis Transfer Inc.

Millis Transfer Inc. Started out as a small beer distributor and over time expanded to catering to bigger transport projects. Today, they support Millis Training Institute, a top rated CDL-A training school. read more

Does iQor Hire Felons?

iQor is a bpo (business process outsourcing) company that is headquartered in Florida and provides services such as customer care and interactions, and third party collections and accounts receivable management.

Outsourcing is a growing field of work that could always use more employees. However, many felons in the United States are declined the opportunity to work despite their rights to employment. Felons should also be given the same opportunity to work in order to turn their lives around.

About iQor

iQor specializes in different fields in order to provide a wide range of services worldwide. Popular services offered by iQor are financial services, consumer electronics, and call center services. read more

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation known for their “superstores,” which combine discounted department stores and grocery stores. They are the largest retailer in the world.

Felons, returning to their communities after serving time for their crimes, need to find stable employment if they intend on staying on the right path. By businesses maintaining fair hiring practices and considering otherwise qualified felons for employment, they are giving them the opportunity for a second chance in life. read more

Does Uline Hire Felons?

Uline is an American retailer of shipping and warehousing supplies for businesses. They pride themselves on being a family-owned business.

More companies should practice keeping an open mind when it comes to hiring felons. Many former felons are hard workers who are reading and willing to give their best as an employee. By giving felons a fair chance at being hired, businesses are increasing the likelihood that they will hire the person most qualified for the job.

About Uline

Uline is a North American retailer known for their shipping, packaging and industrial supply distribution which sells exclusively to businesses. In recent years they have also added retail products that include safety and material handling, or order to continue meeting customer needs. read more

Does Gamestop Hire Felons?

GameStop is a video game, gaming electronics and merchandising retail chain based in the United States. They are a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest video game retailer.

In order to successfully re-enter their communities, felons need to build stable and fulfilling lives for themselves. A big part of this can be finding employment, which can provide them with income and purpose. Felons deserve the chance to be considered for employment, without being discriminated against because of past crimes. read more

Does Boeing Hire Felons?

The Boeing Company, which is more commonly known as Boeing, is an international corporation that specializes in the designing, manufacturing, and sales of commercial airplanes, defense, space, and security systems, and telecommunication equipment.

Having a past felony shouldn’t be a barrier to individuals being able to find stable employment. By employers keeping an open mind and giving felons the chance to prove themselves as employees, they are helping people change their lives for the better. read more

Does Applebees Hire Felons?

Applebee’s is an American restaurant franchise with locations throughout the United States. They specialize in typical American-style dishes such as salads, burgers, ribs and pasta.

For many felons, discrimination based on their past crimes can be a barrier to finding a job. This is unfortunate, as many former felons are hard working individuals, eager to contribute to their communities. By hiring felons, companies are fighting back against this discrimination and allowing people to make a living for themselves and their loved ones. read more

Does Werner Enterprises Hire Felons?

Werner Enterprises is a global transportation and logistics company specializing in freight transportation services. Their company operates in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Felons trying to re-enter the workforce can be faced with the obstacle of meeting employers who are wary of hiring someone with a criminal past. Often these fears are unfounded, as many former felons have the ability to be hardworking, star employees. They deserve the chance to prove their worth in a job, just like any other qualified candidate. read more